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Kistler's Skin Care products are all natural and organic. The main ingredient in each product is extra virgin olive oil. A commitment to environmentally friendly production methods is at the foundation of the facility's design and implementation.

Extra virgin olive oil as regulated by the International Olive Oil Council is unrefined and contains the lowest level of acidity along with a host of phytochemicals, which are disease-fighting compounds from natural plant foods. An oil that contains the classification "extra virgin" must use only top quality olives that yield a pleasing aroma. Kistler's Olive Oilit's skincare line from eleven different varieties of olives that essentially make up three different trypes of extra virgin olive oil.

Kistler's skincare; a collection of natural ingredient cosmetic products containing no preservatives, no artificial colors or perfumes. Products include skin moisturizers, night cream, eye cream, hand and body lotions, baby care, and specialty skin care.

For more information on Kistler's skincare and the organic face and body care products, contact The Kistler's at 120 S. Orange St. Ste. B, Old Towne Orange, 714-288-0387. Also, visit www.kistlersglobalmarket.com.

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