Oilive Oil

Olive OilKistler's Skincare mission is to promote health and nutrition as well as a commitment to the environment, by using eco-conscious methods. We work with farmers, to develop and produce all our olive oil and Kistler's skin care product. Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is simply the best extra virgin olive oil you can purchase from a health and taste point of view.

About the Oils:

All oils are Kosher and come from the first cold-pressing of the fruit that was harvested only hours earlier with temperatures below 27 C /80 F.

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is less than .8% acidity resulting in truly the finest grade olive oil available.

Antioxidant content is highest in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, to maintain antioxidant quality, always buy extra virgin olive oil, keep it away from light and heat, and do not cook at high temperatures.

Olive Oil is used for just about everything, salad dressing, dipping oil, poured over vegetables, pastas and there's nothing better than a fresh piece of crusty bread soaked in olive oil and don't forget Extra Virgin Olive Oil when preparing your favorite cake or cookie recipe.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil will keep longer in the refrigerator but will become cloudy and may solidify which is a natural process that does not affect quality. Though slightly inconvenient, chilled olive oil will return to its original liquid state at room temperature.


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