Our Terminology

Our Terms and Word Definitions:

There are a lot of words and terminology that are used in our business. We would like to define and explain the words we use and the meanings behind them.

No Artificial Colors: Our products are only the color of the ingredients we use. As such the color may change slightly.

No Perfumes: The products aroma is a natural occurrence and may vary in strength as our harvests change.

Because of the pure and natural ingredients of Kistler's Skincare skin care products, color and fragrance may vary each year, depending on the natural environment of the harvest.

No Artificial Preservatives: Some of our products have natural preservatives and do not need to be refrigerated.

No Synthetic Additives: Everything in our product comes from natural sources.

Fully Natural: We are very particular when it comes to what we put in our product. We use only natural ingredients you can find in nature.


  • Kistler's Skincare produces extra virgin olive oil, as well as a full line of quality skin care items.
  • Kistler's Skincare products are based on the health benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Extra virgin olive oil is similar to the natural oils that your skin produces regularly, harmonize with your skin to allow for optimal absorption.
  • Kistler's Skincare skin care products are specifically designed to meet your beauty and skin care needs. All our products are based on pure, natural ingredients, using no artificial preservatives, artificial colors or perfumes.
  • No Artificial preservatives– essential oil extracts formulating a natural preservative.
  • Skin is the largest organ of a person's body and it absorbs 87% of what you apply to it.
  • Production of Kistler's Skincare skin care and Extra Virgin Olive Oil remains highly dedicated for a healthy and natural earth environment.
  • Free from Pesticides
  • All Kistler's Skincare skin care products are based on the nutritional value of olive oil.
  • Selected product are Vegan (Kistler's Lush Lotion)
  • Selected product are Gluten free (Kistler’s Lush Lotion, Argan Oil, Eye Serum, Face Cream Medley, Hair Dew, Lavish Face Cream, Revive, Sugar Buff, The Recipe)
  • Hand packed
  • Kistler's Skincare is highly concentrated. Small amounts go a long way.
  • Ingredients are carefully selected from the finest quality etheric oils.
    These include:
    Olive oil, Cacao butter, Bees wax, Avocado oil, Cocoa butter, Sweet almond oil, Tea tree oil, Lavender oil, Glycerin, Rose hip oil, Lactic acid, Geranium oil, Jojoba oil, Apricot oil, Raw Honey, Calendula oil, Shea butter, Orange oil, Lemon oil.

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