About Olive Oil Skincare

OlivesProclaimed as “liquid gold”, olive oil has been used for over 5,000 years to bring healing, replenish moisture and restore new life and beauty to dry, damaged hair and skin.

Kistler's Skincare products contain only the best quality extra virgin olive oil, rich in Vitamin E, packed with anti-oxidants to protect hair and skin from harmful and damaging free radicals and exposure to sun. Because olive oil resembles your skin’s own natural oils, it harmonizes with your skin to allow optimal absorption of the richly hydrating moisture, leaving you with luxuriously soft, supple skin.

Kistler's Skincare products are 100% natural, completely free of chemicals, preservatives, synthetic additives, artificial colors or perfumes.

Our mission at Kistler's Skincare is to promote natural health and nourishment to hair and skin.

Kistler's Global Market

Located in Orange, CA and is the US distributor for Kistler's Skincare line. You can buy an of our product by clicking the shopping cart on the top right.

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