I’ve battled dry and sensitive skin...

...through out my adult life until finding Olive Oil based Moisturizing Day Cream; but my testimony is more than my smooth, fresh and healthier looking skin. I had an accident riding my bike and ended up with four cuts on my face. A number of people were alarmed at my appearance but in four short days they were amazed my injuries had healed so fast.

Chuck A. Orange, CA

After using hypoallergenic and other high end creams, ...this is the only cream that doesn't make my adult skin break out. I have seen instant results. My skin is clearer and feels smooth and silky. I am addicted to these exclusive products. Olive oil based skincare is a true treasure and worth its weight in gold!

Sharon R. Santa Ana, CA

I had a rash break out on the palm of my hand, it had spread to my thumb and index finger. It would itch and then break open and bleed, it was very painful and rough like alligator skin. I had been to my dermatologist and he had prescribed a prescription cream which I used faithfully but my hand remained the same. My son sent me a jar of Olive oil based skincare cream and one night before I went to bed, I applied the cream and in the morning I was amazed; the crack in my hand was starting to close, the soreness and redness was gone. With in a few days of using the cream my hand was healed, it was once again soft and supple. No more cracking, soreness or bleeding. I would highly recommend this product to others.

Joyce E. Cortland, OH

I have to share with you how my son, Joey's chapped lips were cured. He had returned from a week at Hume Lake in the Sequoia National Park with badly chapped lips. After finishing two sticks of the leading brand of chapped lip remedy and still no improvement, we tried just one application of the Olive oil based skincare cream and his lips were completely healed. It was dramatically, and only once, overnight! Less than 1 day, I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't experience it.

PS. I have also used the cream for canker soars in my mouth and received instant relief.

Donnie A
Santa Ana, CA

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